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Heli Services Ireland provides Corporate Helicopters for multi-purpose requirements.

Our Company Pilots, (which include Irish Aviation Flight Examiners) are highly qualified instrument rated commercial pilots with extensive international experience.

They are licensed to fly several aircraft types, from single to multi-engine helicopters, providing corporate transport within Ireland or the UK.

In a highly competitive business environment, time is money. We operate to the highest corporate standards, ensuring that our clients needs are met.

Our Corporate helicopter transfer service offers flexibility of departure time geared to client schedules. Unlike the restrictions of fixed-wing aircraft we can land in a variety of locations from hotels, hospitals, golf clubs, race tracks, sports grounds to clients premises subject to regulations and local permissions.

The public relations value of a helicopter is invaluable in dealing with international clients, ensuring your company's name is to the forefront in business, whether it is a business meeting in Mayo, a corporate day at the races or ferrying potential clients and business partners to factory or site inspections.

We cater for corporate and private clients and our highly experienced pilots have flown a variety of clients from politicians to the world of business including Fortune 500 clients, international music, film and media personalities, sports stars, and Miss World.

Our pilots have worked with international stars in block-buster movies, both flying the film camera and doing stunt work on films such as Sahara, Reign of Fire, Omagh, Body of Lies and many more.

Our Pilots provide a discreet and efficient service, and ensure that you and your clients are dealt with in a professional manner at all times, in the knowledge that we are representing 'your' company as 'your' corporate pilot.

We operate under strict European Aviation Safety Agency / Irish Aviation Authority regulations and carry full insurance in respect of our operations.

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Surprise family or friends with the star treatment of a VIP Helicopter Trip over Dublin for just €249 per person!

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Featured Client Testimonials  

Chris De Burgh

Read what Chris De Burgh has to say about flying with Heli Services Ireland.

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Rosanna Davison

Read why Rosanna Davison makes Heli Services Ireland her first choice.

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Business Benefits  
Raise Your Company Profile!  

Using a helicopter for business purposes has many benefits. It allows you to avoid the stress of traffic congestion, and time wastage while enabling you to do business in an efficient and effective manner. Helicopters can be virtually self-financing by making more effective use of corporate manpower, enabling an organisation to achieve multi-location meetings in one day and still be home in time for dinner. It can also be tax-efficient business expense without tying up capital in acquisition.

Heli Services Ireland can provide uniformed corporate pilots to your organisation, raising your company profile.

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